stay you. stay hydrated


Dehydration is often the spark

For the elderly, dehydration is often the spark that leads to problems

The consequences are severe

Leading to falls, infections, and many other common acute issues, the dehydration that the elderly suffer often results in hospitalization and can have lasting effect


Thirst is lost with age, so we can't tell

The main issue is that as we age, our body's thirst sensitivity reduces, leaving us without the necessary information and alarms to tell us when we're dehydrated. 

... and neither can our carers

And it's even harder for those who care for us. Even professional carers struggle to catch the dehydration, that forms slowly with no without clear symptoms until it's too severe 


Splash makes hydration maintenance simple

Our sensor gives back the sense of thirst, and makes hydration status itself trackable, allowing smart rehydration with real feedback. Not only will we improve quality of life, but with the older population doubling by 2050, us getting better at hydration care is imperative for a sustainable future.

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Illustrations by Simon Reid